A Simple Trick to Keeping Quilt Pieces Organized

Today I have a quick tip to how I keep my quilting projects organized.

Lately, I feel like I have a minimum of 3-4 quilts going at all times.  I know, for some, this is a cake walk.  For me, this is pushing the limits of my sanity.

I am a list maker, note taker.  I don't feel ok unless everything has been crossed off my list at the end of the day.  As I've added more to my quilting plate, I have had to learn to adapt and realize that if I want to finish all the quilts I want to make--I needed to make more than one at time.

You would think that someone who likes lists as I do is probably super organized...but it's kind of the opposite.  The reason I need this order is because while I love and need organization, I wouldn't say I'm a naturally organized person.  I need to work at it.  I'm much more likely to work, work, work then look around and realize I've destroyed any order I created.

Needless to say, this doesn't work when you have 300 2.5" half square triangles to keep track of--and maybe from several patterns at once.

So I do one very simple thing to keep it all straight and you might even have this tool in your kitchen...the quarter baking sheet.

That's right.  These handy dandy little guys will:

1.  Hold your pattern pages (if you are old school like me and print them out).  

2.  Store your pieces nice and flat

3.  Can easily be stacked on top of each other if you have limited space

4.  Can also easily be brought out to wherever you are working for trimming or sewing.  

I love being able to store my pattern and my pieces together and know that everything will stay neat and flat.  The small footprint of these trays also means I can just stack them and they won't take up much room on a shelf.  

I used to have a large wooden tray, but it was cumbersome and didn't fit anywhere.  With a curious little boy who loves to "help" I needed something I could store out of his reach, but was still easy enough to move around. As you can see in this pic, even on my small sewing table, the baking sheet fits neatly beside my machine.

Are they as pretty as a basket or wooden tray?  Sadly, no.  But they are functional and you can find a pack of 4 on Amazon for about $30.

It's been forever since I went to a dollar store, but they may even have them there for less.  Or if you have one already, you can give it a good cleaning and repurpose it for your quilting needs. (I always say, save your money for the really pretty things--like fabric--and make do where you can).

So there you have it.  A simple, economical way to store your projects together with the pattern.

I hope this hack helps keep track of your pieces until they turn into a beautiful quilt.  

Oh, and a quick update--I've had so many questions on what that little pink scissor/pen holder is by my machine!  That is called the Stash N' Store and is by It's Sew Emma.  I purchased mine at the Fat Quarter Shop.  One of the best purchases ever!  Just a nice way to keep everything neat and handy.

Until next time, happy quilting!

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