A Few of My Favorite (Quilting) Things

Christmas time is here! The holidays have different meanings for so many.  For me, this time of year has traditionally been one of reflection, gratitude and giving back.  Although 2020 has been a year like no other, I find myself feeling very much the same this year.  Quilting has been a highlight of the year and I have enjoyed seeing so many new faces entering the ranks as they looked for something to keep them busy as they sheltered at home.

I keep thinking back to my own first days as a quilter and how those days have shaped so much of what I am doing today.  Not only have I started a business that is centered on quilting--a dream come true!--but I have also been able to fulfill so many other dreams.  

When I first began quilting last year, it was a rather lonely endeavor and it was full of frustration.  I didn’t really know any other quilters.  There were so many things I wanted to buy, but couldn't really afford--or maybe felt guilty about buying.    

In those first couple of months, I mostly worked from a big box of fabric my mother in law had given me to use.  There were a lot of fabrics with soccer balls on them.  If you wanted tan and white calico with bonneted cats, chances were I had several yards of it.  While I was very grateful, there was nothing in it I would have picked myself. (As an aside:  this is not a reflection of my mother in law's taste--she is actually a very stylish woman--she just cannot resist a good deal.  And well--let's be honest--there was a reason it was all in a box and she hadn't used it herself...lol).

Anyhow, anyone who knows me well knows I love pretty things and it made me a little bit sad to spend so much time making something that I didn't really love. I dreamed of having a room full of pretty fabrics I could use—of having my own “stash.”

But I kept using the donated fabrics—feeling too guilty to buy any until I “knew” how to quilt.  I had drawers full of creative hobbies I had started and given up on.  I didn't want to invest until I was sure I was going to stick with it.  But quilting and sewing had become a passion.  

Every day, I made something or worked on a quilt.  I practiced and practiced and didn't give up.  And I kept telling myself that, someday, if I was ever in a position to, I would help another quilter.  I dreamed of having a little shop where new quilters could feel they could ask questions.  I would try to create an IG page with sincere interactions to support fellow quilters. And, someday, I would help another quilter have some of the things I wished for when I had started out.  Things that might not be necessary, but make the process oh-so-nice.  

I am so grateful for my business and every sale that comes through.  I'm grateful that the vision I had of a room full of pretty fabrics has also come true. Honestly, I'm still stunned by that every single day.  But, most importantly, I'm grateful for the friendships I have made.  Quilting may have started out as a solo activity, but every day, I chat with friends near and far, that I would not have met if it weren't for quilting. The support of my quilting friends is a source of inspiration.  My friends and family help me dream big and I’m so glad to be in a position to sponsor this giveaway.  It’s my way to give back to all the quilters who show up every day and cheer each other on. All of you rock.  You are not only amazing quilters, you are amazing people.

I hope this giveaway can become an annual, official tradition for my shop. I'm a big one for traditions and can't think of a better way to pay it forward than to give away a few of my favorite things!  So, without further ado, let's take a closer look at what one lucky winner will receive!

  1.  A mini Oliso iron in pink
  • This little iron is a game changer.  It heats up quickly, doesn't shut off and is small enough to set up close to your sewing machine for pressing blocks.  I love mine and am so happy to be able to give one away!
  1.  A signed copy of Utility-Style: Quilts For Everyday Living by Sharon Holland
  • I really love quilt books.  What's not to love?  It's book full of patterns and beautiful pictures of quilts!  Sharon Holland is a co-sponsor on this giveaway.  She is not only a wonderful designer.  She is a wonderful person.  She generously donated a copy of her lovely book--and she even signed it!  The photography in this book is fantastic and the quilts are beginner friendly.  These are the quilts you will use again and again.  You can find more details about the book here: https://www.sharonhollanddesigns.com/store/utility-style-quilts-for-everyday-living
  1.  The Winter Garden fat quarter bundle from my shop
  • This beautiful bundle includes 9 fat quarters of Art Gallery Fabrics.  In a palette of peach and emerald, it's a lovely palette that can work year round. And if you haven't already had the pleasure of using Art Gallery Fabrics, you are in for a real treat.  They are the first fabrics I fell in love with.  From the prints to the feel of the fabric, it's some of the most beautiful fabric on the market and there is a reason I sell it exclusively.
  1. A spool of Aurifil Thread, color 2311
  • One of my favorite brands of thread, I'm including a spool of one of my favorite colors.  Color 2311 is a soft, creamy white that I love for quilting.  Aurifil spools have 1422 yards on the spool (at least this one does) and is a great value--not to mention all the beautiful colors they have available. 
  1.  A pair of Gingher embroidery scissors
  • My close friends know I'm kind of a nut about these little embroidery scissors.  I try to keep a pair handy just about everywhere--by my machine, by my pressing station and with my hand quilting kit.  The stork design is a classic.  I like the weight and sharpness of the Gingher brand and they are the ones I tote around the most.

There they are...a few of my favorite things. I hope the lucky winner enjoys all of them as much as I do!

The giveaway is being hosted on Instagram and you do need to enter via the Instagram post.  Check out the post for full details on the rules. (It is the one that has the same pic as the one showed above.) Other than the book which Sharon sponsored, all of these items were purchased by me for the giveaway. The giveaway closes on December 13th, 2020 at noon EST.

I wish everyone the best of luck.  I also wish you blessings in the coming year.  I hope 2021 is a year full of happy memories and lots of seam ripper-free quilting time.  Make sure to follow me on Instagram for updates.  Lots of pretty fabrics will be coming in stock over the next few weeks (and there will most likely be one more sale before the year is over).  Thank you again for all your kindness and support. 





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