The Holiday Quilt Gift Guide

Hello fellow quilters!

It is that time of year when we start to plan what quilts we will be making for loved ones!  Is there anything better than the joy of a quilt wrapped under the Christmas tree?  I think not! 😊

But it can be tricky to find the perfect pattern for that someone special so I've hunted down some of the best patterns for you to make this holiday season and even included some info on who might like them best.  Read on for all the info.

1.  The Christmas Tree Farm Quilt by Brittany Tunison of White Plains Quilts.


This pattern is simply adorable!  While it may involve more piecing and isn't exactly a quick make, this quilt will be the perfect way to signal the start of the Christmas season in your home or someone else's.  It's fun, it's modern and it is oh so cute!  It will also make the cutest photo prop for family pics.

Consider it for that friend with a modern, farmhouse sense of style who doesn't take herself too seriously. 

Final thoughts: For the person most likely to buy her kids matching pajamas at Christmas time.

2.  Retro Ornaments by Brittany Lloyd of Lo & Behold Stitchery

(paper pattern shown above will be in shop soon!)

This pattern is big and bold!  Plus it is the most awesome pattern to show off prints--or you can make it even more modern and do all solids.  This is for that bold, colorful friend who isn't afraid to make a statement. 

While the rest of us introverts dread the mall and the parking situation, she thrives on the energy and thrill of the hunt!  Christmas is her favorite season and she isn't afraid to show that.

Final thoughts: For the person most likely to wear Christmas themed earrings

3.  The Phoenix Pattern by Sharon Holland of Sharon Holland Designs 

This pattern is for your modern vintage lover.  With a twist on a modern star shape, this quilt is classic enough to be timeless, yet has a bit of an edge to it.  Use beautiful, Christmas florals or small prints to make a quilt that suggests Christmas versus screaming it.

This is for that friend whose favorite Christmas hobbies are small family gatherings and quiet nights watching the tastefully decorated Christmas tree sparkle.

Final thoughts:  For the person most likely to have the best looking Christmas tree on the block 

4.  The Ebb and Flow Quilt by Jennifer Jones of Penelope Handmade

This pattern is one of my favorites and it a super quick make--perfect for when you are short on time, but want to make a quilt with a big impact.  It's great for featuring prints with it's simple block design, but is also very modern.  It's so versatile and can be tailored to be perfect for that print loving friend or made with all solids in their favorite color palette.  Also, with all that negative space at the top, any quilting you do will really pop! Can we say texture!?

This pattern is for that friend who prefers minimalist designs, values texture and wants a quilt that can be featured in any room.

Final thoughts:  For the person most likely to be at Target the first day the Joanna Gaines collection releases 

5.  Jane's Gift by Sara Gardner of Sara Lucille Handmade 

Don't have time for a quilt?  How about a set of wonderful pillows or wall hanging?  This is another pattern that can be either very Christmas-y or can be toned down to fit any decor.  Hands down, this is my go-to quick Christmas make.

This is for that friend of yours who values the little things and loves thoughtful details.  She probably harbors secret dreams of being a writer and values family above all else.

Final thoughts:  For the person most likely to send a handwritten Christmas card.

6.  The Lillian Star Quilt by Michelle Corless of Compass and Wildflower Studios

This quilt is absolutely for that vintage lover in your circle.  With a simple star design, this quilt is a classic that is sure to be cherished.  Use small prints and blenders to create a soft, palette that is sure to win her vintage-loving heart.

This is for that friend who is nostalgic and is big on Christmas traditions.  She probably has heirloom ornaments and has traditions she enjoys following every year.

Final thoughts:  For the person most likely to host a cookie swap


I hope this list gives you some help as you plan your holiday makes. If you would like some help putting some fabrics together, let me know!  I’m happy to help.

And don’t forget to think beyond red and green! Farmhouse styles include olive and black plaid, fun lovers might like pink and gold—get some inspiration for color palettes by heading to the ornament sections of your favorite stores.  I personally love Target’s Christmas section for helping me think outside of the box and seeing what’s on trend  😀

 One final thought though--anything you make will be loved and treasured.  A handmade item is the most heartfelt gift you can give someone.   

My wish for you is that you show yourself as much grace and kindness as you show to others.  Enjoy the process of making, but don't forget to take time for yourself, too. There are so many people who love you back and it's important to take care of yourself so you can enjoy making quilts for a long, long time. ❤️

Blessings to you and yours this holiday season. 

With much love,


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