Quilting Ruler Minimalist or Maximalist?

Happy Friday, everyone!

It's been a busy three weeks.  I'm currently pattern testing four quilts and I finally launched my shop.  Hooray!  Thank you to everyone who has given my shop a chance and who follows along on my testing adventures.

Today I wanted to chat about quilting rulers and ask, "Are you a minimalist or a maximalist?"

In my definition, a minimalist is someone who does with very little.  (I'm sure that's not the official definition, but bear with me.)  A maximalist owns a lot of specialty rulers and doesn't hesitate to buy more. So, do you prefer to only buy what you think is absolutely necessary?  Or do you like to buy lots of rulers to help you with your quilting?  

Before a couple of weeks ago, I would say I had been a minimalist.  This wasn't due to stoicism or frugality.  For me, it was mostly because I preferred to spend my quilting budget dollars on fabric!  Big surprise, right?

But lately, I've jumped onto the maximalist train and realize that specialty rulers are such a game changer. As I mentioned, I'm testing quite a few quilts between now and mid-November.  I wanted anything that would make that process be more accurate and also faster.  So today I'm going to talk about the two specialty rulers I added to my quilting toolbox.  They are each shown above.

The 1/4" ruler by Omnigrid

When I first discovered this little angel, I had visions of how quickly I could mark all the HST's and flying geese I knew I would be making.  This little handy ruler allows you to easily mark 1/4" from the center line. I didn't know it existed until just about a month ago.  This is one I bought immediately once I discovered it.  The set I bought is by Omnigrid and contains three different lengths to mark a variety of sizes.  It is definitely worth the cost if you like to make HST's using the 8-At-A-Time method.  I've added a link here. (The following links are not sponsored nor do I get any money if you click it...just one quilter trying to help out another).


The Bloc Loc Flying Geese Square Up Ruler

I already owned the Bloc Loc HST ruler (not shown) and decided to add it's cousin, the Flying Geese Ruler.  This ruler locks over the seam to allow you to easily trim around your block while preserving your 1/4" allowance.  It was a lifesaver with all the flying geese blocks I recently made for the Carnival Glass quilt by @quiltcakes.  It made trimming all those blocks a breeze and all my flying geese had their points intact!

They are available in a variety of sizes.  I purchased mine directly from the Bloc Loc site and was super happy with the purchase and shipping.


So there you have it!  Two rulers I would recommend adding to your toolbox.  I'm going to be posting a story on Instagram to do a little survey on how many of you are Team Minimalist or Team Maximalist.  Head over to my Instagram profile @midlife_quilter to let me know your stance on specialty quilting rulers.  Do you love 'em or leave 'em? 

Until next time, happy quilting!



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